Kidscience Adventures   •  707) 793-2251  •

Day/Time: M-F / 9:30am-1:00pm

Location: Seaman's Lodge, Pioneer Park

Ages: 6-13

Cost: $195/wk, includes materials

Bring a lunch & a snack

Motor Madness  

July 13-17

Explore electricity and magnetism as we work with different types of motors each day. 

Build a simple motor that creates motion, and another that spins at high speed. Take a mini motor and turn it into a racer bot. Contruct an elastic powered motor as well. Then we will enjoy science fun with other activities like rubber band shooters, mini rockets, make a battery and daily design studio with lots of materials to create with.

Physics Fun!

July 20-24


Physical science comes to life with projects that demonstrate energy at work

Gravity, build a zip line racer pulley system, then design and build a marble roller coaster.

Experiment with magnets, and make a magnetic science toy.  Flight science, learn about wings, then design multiple types of flying devices.Make a robo-claw, a water powered grabber hand. Build simple machines, and explore how heat changes matter, plus work with dry ice to make tasty treats and other amazing projects each day.