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My mother was a Kindergarten teacher, and my father was a physicist working at the nearby NASA base. This exposure to science and education from an early age not only shaped how I thought, but ultimately led me to earn a teaching credential and starting Kidscienceadventures in 1998 traveling to schools sharing weekly science lessons in Northern California.

The goal of Kidscienceadventures is to create hands-on science experiments to children from preschool age up to high school. We use common materials to make science easily available to create enthusiasm for science while building critical thinking skills. All projects are open ended where each student designs and builds a project based on a science theme.

Exposure to such positive experiences in science creates a lasting interest in science where so many opportunities exist.

Today Kidscience Adventures offers science enrichment classes to elementary and home schools, as well as after school classes, science summer camps, and science kits. Come join the adventure!

Mark Bradski (aka Mr Science)